Are you, or is your partner, living with life-threatening or chronic illness?
If you are, you may not be aware of the UN-Loving Traps you can get caught in, and I want to share these important ideas with you.
I'm Dr. Jackie Black, your Couples Facing Illness Educator and Board Certified Coach; and the creator and facilitator of the COUPLES DARING TO LIVE WELL WITH ILLNESS PROGRAMS™.

The diagnosis of an illness is always a shock. No one is ever prepared.

You don’t see any of the 3 UN-Loving Traps before you get caught in one.

You don’t even know to watch out for them.

Until now…

What Clients Say...
 What Client’s Say...


After I was diagnosed, we handled the medical side of things very well. But as time went by, we both noticed tension that neither of us knew the other noticed, and that neither of us wanted to bring up to the other. Things just kept getting more strained between us.

We are so grateful that we found Dr. Jackie. With her skillful guidance, we learned how to swim in choppy waters and learned how to take care of ourselves and each other during difficult times. Dr. Jackie you rock!

Virginia & George S.

What Client’s Say...


We’re still married because of Dr. Jackie! 

We were a MESS after my husband’s diagnosis. We were grumbling at each other or not talking to each other at all. He was afraid and sad. I was scared to death all the time and really mad.

Dr. Jackie helped us through the worst time in our marriage. Now, we talk about everything; and really listen, even when it is hard or we are afraid. This experience with Dr. Jackie has made us much better partners to each other.

Roger M. & Brian R.

No matter what health challenges you are facing, I want to partner with you to make sense out of what you are experiencing and guide you to live a REMARKABLE life together.

Get inspired to find out how you can get uncaught from a UN-Loving Trap and live well together with life-threatening or chronic illness.

Get curious about the issues that you will want to unwrap, and the skills that you will want to learn as a couple, so you will be able to ensure that you live an extraordinary life together as the medical treatment unfolds and post treatment.

Get ready to clarify your fears, concerns, worries and all kinds of challenges; and share them with each other so you engage in co-creating your new normal with deliberate intention and attention.

Learn my secret online hideouts that help me gain inspiration, so that you don't waste waiting to creativity to strike
  I hope you find a lot of good information in this guide.

I’d love to hear your questions and your thoughts about the ideas and stories I share in the guide, after you have a chance to look through it.

You are not alone anymore. When you’re ready to partner with an experienced professional who can help, I am here.

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